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Well-Rounded and Integrated

Students learn best when lessons are connected from subject to subject and from grade level to grade level. That’s why in everything from curriculum to the school calendar, Hawaii Baptist Academy emphasizes continuity with each lesson building on what students have already learned and preparing them for what’s ahead.

Elementary children learn academic basics, providing a firm foundation for future learning. A comprehensive program in spelling, writing, reading, listening, and speaking (“Open Court” curriculum) is used for language arts. Literature selections integrate language arts with social studies, science, fine arts, and general interests. The mathematics curriculum fosters problem solving and critical thinking skills. Children also take classes in music, art, physical education, and computer. The elementary school provides a self-contained classroom structure for kindergarten through grade 3 and a modified team approach in grades 4 through 6.

In the middle-high school, a college preparatory curriculum provides a strong emphasis on academic fundamentals supplemented by a variety of elective courses, including computer science and fine arts. Advanced placement courses are offered in English, mathematics, science, history, and music. Teachers are known for their nurturing qualities and accessibility.

ESLRs – The Accountability Factor

HBA operates within a framework of student learning known as Expected Schoolwide Learning Results, or ESLRs which guide the entire program.   Five categories of emphasis set a standard against which student learning is measured.

These Learning Results paint a verbal portrait of a Hawaii Baptist Academy Student who is developing as a…
Truth Seeker
  • Knows that he/she is loved by God
  • Understands that God’s love provides the means for redemption through the atoning death of Jesus Christ
  • Evaluates his/her relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Seeks and demonstrates spiritual growth
  • Bases life decisions on biblical wisdom
Community Builder
  • Exhibits Christ-like love and respect for others
  • Contributes and leads in group settings to accomplish common goals
  • Practices good citizenship
  • Serves local/global communities and cares for the environment
Responsible Decision-Maker
  • Makes choices to foster emotional and physical well being based on a biblical self-image.
  • Takes responsibility for choices and learns from mistakes
  • Sets and pursues thoughtful personal goals
Reflective Learner
  • Builds a knowledge base necessary for continuing education beyond high school
  • Uses effective organization and learning strategies
  • Relates subject matter to his/her life and seeks opportunities for learning beyond the required curriculum
  • Appreciates beauty, values truth, and strives for excellence
Resourceful Problem-Solver
  • Reads, writes, reasons, and communicates effectively
  • Accesses, analyzes, and evaluates information and its sources
  • Employs creativity and innovation in his/her work
  • Creates well-crafted products that achieve their purposes and uses appropriate media

The School Year – Enhanced Learning Design

Operating on a modified year-round school calendar, HBA’s regular school year begins in early August and ends in late May or early June with breaks of at least two weeks after each quarter in October, December, and March. This schedule gives students:

  • Greater continuity in learning
  • Increased retention of information
  • Increased enrichment and review opportunities through intersession classes
  • Time for educational trips without interfering with classroom instruction
  • Social time
  • Time for renewing energy for learning.
During the eight-week summer recess, summer school is offered at the elementary and middlehigh school. After school care and summer fun are offered for grades K-6.

Technology – Life Skills for a High-Tech World

To prepare students for our hightech society, HBA has implemented an extensive program to provide up-to-date technological resources. A middle-high school computer lab helps students do research via the Internet, create multi-media projects, experience new software, and learn world languages. A second computer lab is used for classroom instruction. The elementary school has a computer lab for K-6 and a mobile computer “lab” for 5th and 6th graders bringing technology to the student in the classroom. Libraries on both campuses are computerized for card catalogue and online access. HBA subscribes to an array of online database resources for student use.

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