Health and Safety Guidelines

Health and Safety procedures have been developed to ensure the safety of the HBA community. These procedures will be updated as new information becomes available. Procedures include the identification, reporting, and isolation procedures of sick students and staff at school, education of healthy hygiene practices, documentation of absenteeism and symptomatic cases across campuses, and increased communication to parents and students to encourage them to stay at home if sick. 

CHARGE: The Health and Safety Team’s charge is five-fold: 

Support the school nurse and the Safety Committee as she and they design and continually update the procedures and precautions that ensure the health & safety of our HBA community. 

Support the Physical Plant Director and Physical Plant team as they ensure the buildings and grounds are maintained and modified to meet health and safety requirements. 

Support Flik and their Food Director/Coordinator as they ensure food preparation and safety follows expected COVID-19 guidelines. 

Support the Security Team as they manage campus access and events. 

Facilitate communication and collaboration between these entities to support them in best accomplishing (individually, together, and with other teams) their respective charges to help in the overall HBA Campus Reopening Protocol.