Virtual MAC Week 2021
Ryan Su

This story is from the Spring edition of the Soaring Eagle. To read more stories from this issue, click here.

Our mainland supporters came together for their 45th annual meeting not in Honolulu, but from the comfort of their homes via Zoom. While it was certainly different seeing our friends through a screen, we were grateful to be able to come together despite the difficulties brought about by the pandemic. In anticipation of the virtual meeting, care packages filled with cards, artwork and notes from students were sent along with prayer cards from the middle school, Hawaiian candies and lu‘au style lei with the hopes of bringing a little bit of HBA and Hawai‘i into their homes. 

Seventy-two members of the Mainland Advisory Council attended the virtual two-day event, where they heard important updates about the school, and testimonies from students, parents and alumni. Devotionals were led by members of the HBA board of directors, and there were special performances by the Hoomana sign language ministry and Soldiers of Light choir.