Second Graders Buy Books for Homeless Preschoolers

Christina Yasutomi

Second graders proudly display the books they purchased with money they earned by doing chores. The books are being donated to homeless preschoolers. Photo by Tiffany Lau.

Second graders are learning how their income can be used to bless others. On January 18, the students purchased 100 books which will be donated to homeless preschoolers on Oahu’s leeward coast. The books were purchased with money that the students earned by doing chores at home. Dayna Nakamura, second grade teacher, says it’s all part of a lesson that teaches the children the basics of earning an income while practicing stewardship and philanthropy.  

“We want to teach our students at an early age that they can make a difference in their community. The families who are receiving these books understand that education is the key to escaping poverty,” said Nakamura. 

The books are being donated to Ka Paalana Homeless Family Education Program, which offers a mobile preschool program to parents and children at various shelters and public housing projects. Terry Nakamura, who is the husband of second grade teacher Dayna Nakamura, is a literacy trainer at Ka Paalana.