Student Video Recognized in Global Effort Against Hunger

Christina Yasutomi

Kevin Wu, junior, poses with his onigiri for the Onigiri Action campaign in October. Photo courtesy of Elena Yoo.

Some students from Hawaii Baptist Academy are being recognized for their video about onigiri, which is being used to help fight global hunger. 

Onigiri are rice balls wrapped in seaweed topped with seasonings. They have been an important food staple in Japan for many generations, and now, they’re being shared globally on social media in an effort to fight hunger through the Onigiri Action Campaign. The campaign encourages people around the world to learn how to make onigiri and then post photos of themselves with the hashtag #onigiriaction. For every photo posted with that hashtag, five children in need receive a school meal. 

At HBA, students from the Japanese National Honor Society made a simple informational video to encourage other students to participate. The video, which can be seen on the Onigiri Action’s website, has received the “Best Onigiri Story Award” from the campaign. 

“It was an honor to receive this award. Many other schools and organizations from around the world participated in this wonderful campaign. We are very grateful that we were able to be a part of such an important effort in the fight against world hunger,” said Elena Yoo, world languages department chair. 

In October, the JNHS hosted a special event at lunch where students made onigiri and posted 266 photos of themselves for the campaign. 

The Onigiri Action campaign is run by Table for Two, a non-profit organization based in Japan that promotes healthy eating and providing schools meals to children in East Africa and Southeast Asia. This year’s campaign wrapped on November 20.