Students’ New Year’s Greetings On Display at Shirokiya Village Walk

Christina Yasutomi

By Chloe Machida, junior. 

Four high school students have placed in the Hawaii Association of Teachers of Japanese Nengajo Contest. They are:

  • Chloe Machida, junior, 1st place, artistic category;
  • Maya Liao, junior,  2nd place, Hawaii theme category;
  • Katelyn Higashiya, senior, 2nd place, comical category;
  • and Daniel Jurek, sophomore, 3rd place, comical category.

The purpose of the contest is to teach students about the Japanese tradition of sending postcards with special greetings on New Year’s day. According to the animal zodiac calendar, 2019 is the year of the pig, so all of the students had to include a pig in their design. Their work will be on display at the Shirokiya Village Walk at Ala Moana Shopping Center now through January 6. 

Other students whose work will be displayed are: 

  • Jada Inouye, senior; 
  • Jayni Ishikawa, senior;
  • Lydia Lan, sophomore;
  • Meredith Lau, sophomore;
  • Victoria Nago, junior;
  • Kyra Kawamoto, sophomore;
  • Kaden Kobashigawa, freshman;
  • Quinn Kono, junior;
  • Lindsay Sasaki, junior;
  • Karissa Tabadero, sophomore;
  • Kaylee Tani, freshman;
  • and Lauren Uchimura, senior.