Middle School Principal Gets Slimed After Students Raise $2792
Christina Yasutomi

Photos by Randie Lueder, eighth grader.

Hawaii Baptist Academy’s middle school students got to slime their principal after raising $2,792 for the Eagles Kokua Fund. Principal George Honzaki says he got the idea from HBA’s elementary school, which recently hosted a fundraiser for the American Heart Association’s Heart Challenge. 

“I actually thought being slimed might be kind of fun, and I wanted something that would excite the kids and give them something to look forward to,” said Honzaki.

The fundraiser was part of the middle and high school’s Spirit Week activities. During Spirit Week, the students participate in several challenges with the goal of building unity and school pride among each class. One of those challenges is raising funds for a non-profit organization or special cause selected by the student council. This year, the student council chose to give to the Eagles Kokua Fund, which provides tuition assistance to families who have been impacted financially by the pandemic. The students raised the money by donating HI-5 cans and cash. 

“To slime the principal, students had to raise a minimum of $1,000, and at least $500 had to be raised by each grade level. The students were also motivated by the possibility of a week of dress-down (shorts and shirts of their choosing) by beating out the other grade level.”
The incentive worked. The seventh graders raised $1,257 and the eighth graders raised $1,535. The final amount raised from Spirit Week is $4,173, which includes the middle and high school donations. 

“We are honored that the student council chose to donate to the Eagles Kokua Fund this year. It’s really wonderful to see how our students are showing how much they care about their classmates by coming up with creative ways to help them financially. It’s another great example of our students practicing their leadership while serving others,” said Billie Takaki Luder ‘94, director of institutional advancement. 

Over the last several months, there have been several efforts by students to support the Eagles Kokua Fund. With this latest donation from Spirit Week, the school will receive an additional $3,000 from a matching challenge provided by a generous alumna, Diana Chow Yee ‘60. 

“We are sincerely grateful to Mrs. Yee, and to our students who have helped us exceed our expectations,” said Lueder.