During our campus closure at the end of our last school year our learning continued during the summer and we are looking forward to welcoming back our students in the Fall.

Online Learning

See video highlights from our teachers!

Mr. and Mrs. A and their son Eli lead us through their Couch Potato Workout! Here’s what we’re doing today: shoulder press, leg lifts, front raises, tricep pullover and squats.

Sophomore Reese Yoshikawa walks us through the united and divided kingdoms of Israel for the class, "Exploring the Old Testament."

Kela Kaida '20, vice president of Hawaii Baptist Academy's Environmental Club, shares how the global quarantine has improved the earth's air quality.

Fourth grader Alex Fujimoto put on a spectacular puppet show as part of an assignment from his teacher, Jeri Rawlings. Rawlings says her students were a bit timid talking online to each other, so she told them to make a puppet, name it, give it a personality, and entertain the class with jokes, riddles or a small skit. She also encouraged the students to put on puppet shows at home with their family to create good memories.

Sean Malinger, visual and performing arts department chair at Hawaii Baptist Academy, on how to do a speed visual effect using Adobe After Effects.

Cindy Gaskins, Christian Ministries Coordinator K-6, on The Lord's Prayer and the importance of forgiveness.

Fourth grader Keira Liew presents her lesson on musical on scales using water glasses.

Hawaii Baptist Academy's Japan National Honor Society hosts a virtual dance contest.

Student Vincent Mack shares his workspace project. Using a 3-D modeling program he was able to virtually redesign his room to include more storage.


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