Our History.

Rooted in our 70 year history, Hawaii Baptist Academy continues to be a missional school that believes Jesus Christ to be “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” We bring faith and learning together to join God in the formation of people and the transformation of the world.

We are committed to our mission as we seek ways to improve, innovate, and provide the best learning environment for our students to become leaders in the 21st century.

Our Focus.

Hawaii Baptist Academy will equip each student with a biblical foundation and provide the academic rigor to develop their full potential. We cultivate the sensibilities of humility, curiosity, love, and commitment in our students’ lives, so that upon graduation they will be ready for the challenges of life.

Our Approach.

A two-year journey of self-exploration helped create an action plan. The plan is driven by what we believe are our three top priorities.


We believe that students, faculty, and staff are the heart of HBA’s learning community. We are committed to each other and promote healthy collaboration and a safe environment. We will improve communication and focus on increasing teacher and staff effectiveness to enhance student learning.


We believe the Christian faith brings a vital and necessary perspective to how we understand and act in the world. We provide opportunities to discover and deepen a love for God and His creation through an academic environment that enables our students to think critically through a Christian worldview.


We believe that every person’s well-being is essential to reaching their full potential. As we equip our people spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally, we provide the time and resources required for their success.