Our Vision


Our desire is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We teach our students about faith in Jesus Christ and the values taught in the Bible. We hope these teachings will be shared with their families and friends and impact communities, the state, nation, and world in a positive manner. We believe that a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ gives life its highest meaning and purpose.


We nurture our students as unique creations of God. We provide a place for them to grow, opportunities to learn, and guidance from caring, qualified Christian teachers. We take our place within the larger Christian community supporting local churches and partnering with them in ministry.

Although we are a Christian community, not every student who attends HBA is a Christian or becomes one. In fact, only about 50 percent of our students come from Christian families. But one of our school's primary goals is to give every student the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to experience His life-changing message.


We believe striving for excellence in all one does should be the mark of a Christian life. By excellence, we mean becoming all that God intended us to be. We give young people the opportunity to come to know Christ and to believe in what they do and do it well. Our hope is that they will grow into strong Christian men and women of excellence who will take Christ’s message of faith, hope, and love into the world.


We believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God ultimately fulfilled through His Son, Jesus Christ. Our desire is that all may come to know and respond to Him through the Spirit of God and proclamation of His Word. As a school, we value excellence in:


We believe that our academic community stands and falls on the quality of its teachers. We are committed to hiring and nurturing quality teachers who love God, their students, and their subject area. Our example of excellence in teaching is Jesus, who effectively taught truths in a life-changing way.


We believe that God’s truth is found in Scripture. We are committed to providing our students with a serious learning community that encourages genuine inquiry into the nature and truths of God, His Word, and His world with the hopeful outcome of a transformed life.


We believe that effective learning involves training students to be effective leaders. We are committed to equipping our students with the insights and skills necessary to produce leaders who will engage the world with strength of character, sincerity of heart, and enthusiasm to spread the Gospel.


We believe that all of the learning and leading in the world are for naught without the transformation that comes through the call to love God and our neighbors as ourselves. We are committed to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those in our academic community, church communities, and others in the world around us.

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