High School (9-12)

Each semester, high school students take up to seven classes for a half-credit each to meet their 24 credit graduation requirement.  The ninth and tenth grades follow a common core program which includes English 9, American Literature, Exploring the New Testament, Exploring the Old Testament, Geometry, Algebra 2, Biology, Chemistry, Ancient World Civilizations, Government, U.S. History, and Coed PE.  They also study a World Language and have some room for a few electives and/or study periods.

The upperclassmen have fewer core requirements, so that they may pursue interests and focus on areas of study related to a future major.  They have the opportunity to take a wide variety of electives in the Visual and Performing Arts, Journalism, Programming, and Tech Intensive classes as well as an array of Advanced Placement courses.

AP courses are college-level classes offered by the various departments:

  • Art and Design 2D
  • Biology
  • Precalculus
  • Calculus AB 
  • Calculus BC 
  • Chemistry 
  • Computer Science A
  • English Language & Composition
  • English Literature & Composition 
  • Environmental Science
  • Japanese Language & Culture 
  • Physics 1 
  • Physics 2
  • Physics C
  • Psychology
  • Statistics 
  • United States History
  • United States Government
  • Modern World History
  • Micro & Macro Economics

Choosing a Balanced Course of Study

During their junior and senior years, HBA students are able to specialize in their courses of study by choosing from an array of electives. As they plan out their courses for the upcoming year, they are encouraged to:

  1. Consider the bigger picture of your life - How will my combination of classes help me to cultivate humility, curiosity, love, and commitment?  What gifts and abilities do I want to develop to help others, bringing honor to God?  

  2. Pursue your passion – What do I value? Why? What is worth studying?

  3. Explore something new – What do I want to learn? What challenges will make me stronger?

  4. Challenge yourself, but be realistic – Learning takes time.  Be aware of your habits and self-discipline – What is my track record for keeping up with schoolwork?  Make time for extra-curricular commitments – How will I keep up with all of my commitments while taking care of myself and taking care of others?

  5. Find a balance between core courses, AP courses, and electives – What is a good fit for me?  Be sure to include a sufficient amount of Guided Study or Jr/Sr Independent periods to help manage coursework.

  6. Research before registering – Consult with your parents, counselor, and teachers. Talk to older students or alumni who have taken the classes that interest you. Ask an adult in an occupation that interests you, “During high school, what helped to equip you academically, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually to bring honor to God?  How did you balance your responsibilities and interests?  What do you love most about your work?”

Spiritual Opportunities

Believing Jesus Christ to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life, we hope to bring faith and learning together in every aspect of school, including classes, homeroom, chapels, advisory discussions, and camps.  We do this to join God in the formation of people and the transformation of the world. Our approach touches all aspects of what it means to be human (i.e., intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual), particularly as we cultivate humility, curiosity, love, and commitment in daily living.  Our Christian commitment as an institution is to share the good news of Christ, realizing that each person’s spiritual journey and relationship with Christ is ultimately in the hands of God and the individual.


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