Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Believing Jesus Christ to be "the Way, the Truth, and the Life," Hawaii Baptist Academy brings faith and learning together so that we may join God in the formation of people and the transformation of the world. We do this by cultivating these four sensibilities:


Humility is our response to God, and the beginning of understanding. In awe and with gratitude, we recognize that we are born into God’s creation, which is vast, and into God’s story, which is already in progress.

We cultivate humility by acknowledging the goodness of God and the reality of sin, by taking time to be contemplative, by being open to change, and by knowing that there is and will always be more to learn.


Curiosity is our response to what God has created. With an attitude of wonder, we explore God’s truth through His Word and through His creation.

We cultivate curiosity by asking questions, by seeking opportunities to learn, by trying new things, and by persevering in our quest for answers.


Love is our response to all people in light of God’s love for us. With grace, we live, learn, and play together in community, realizing that God designed us to be mutually dependent.

We cultivate love in community by striving for peace, by eliciting and sharing ideas, by constructively expressing and resolving disagreements, by respecting differences and loving all people, and by asking for and offering forgiveness.


Commitment is our response to God’s plan of restoration. With conviction, we endeavor to carry out God’s purpose by telling His story as we work toward the common good.

We express our commitment by speaking truth and taking responsibility, by caring for God’s creation, and by using our talents and resources to work toward the good of humanity.

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