Financial Aid

Hawaii Baptist Academy administers a limited financial aid program to assist deserving students who lack the resources to meet the full cost of an education at the school. Financial aid is awarded to students on the basis of financial need, and these awards are made annually. Those who desire continuing financial aid must reapply each year.

Financial Aid Overview

The total amount of financial aid granted depends on the availability of funds. 


HBA utilizes the services of TADS (Tuition Aid Data Services) for processing financial aid applications. TADS processes the information families submit online at and provides an initial assessment to HBA’s financial aid committee.


A new student’s financial aid application will be reviewed for qualification after the student’s application to HBA has been received and any qualified award will be distributed after a student has been accepted for admission to HBA. All financial information provided is strictly confidential and has no bearing on acceptance to HBA.


CHANGE IN AWARD NOTIFICATION DATES FOR 2018-19: Notification of financial aid decisions is emailed to newly admitted grade 6-12 students by April 10 and newly admitted grade K-5 students and returning HBA students by May 5.

Application Fee and Deadline

Financial aid applications are accepted for the next school year between December 15 and February 15 at Late applications are considered, as long as funds are available. The on-line application fee is $34 per family payable directly to TADS. The application fee for all mail-in applications is $40 payable to TADS. One application fee is assessed per family.

IMPORTANT: Applications must be submitted no later than February 15 to qualify for the maximum award. Documents may be submitted within a week after the application is submitted. HBA will initially accept the prior filing year tax returns and W2s, but please note that the current filing year tax returns and W2 forms will be required to be submitted before an award can be distributed. Incomplete applications and/or documents will delay the processing of your application.

To request a paper application call 1-800-884-8237 or go to

Family Circumstances

Hawaii Baptist Academy believes that divorce and remarriage do not relieve natural parents from their responsibilities of the educational expenses of their children. When parents are separated, divorced, or never married, the assets and incomes of both financially responsible parents are considered. Both parents need to apply online to TADS with their appropriate percentage of tuition responsibility and submit their own supporting documents to TADS.

The committee also considers the earning potential of a non-working parent if no small children are at home. Families with children at other independent schools or in college are expected to apply for financial aid from those schools.

Documents Needed by TADS

The following documents must be provided to TADS to be considered for an award:

  • Copy of signed, current filing year federal (1040) and state income tax forms with all supporting schedules and documents (NOTE: The prior filing year tax return will initially be accepted, but the current filing year tax return will be required before an award can be distributed.)
  • Copy of current year Form 1099 or other documents that reflect miscellaneous household income, non-taxable income (i.e. COLA, retirement or housing allowance). (NOTE: The prior filing year 1099 will initially be accepted, but the current filing year 1099 will be required before an award can be distributed.)
  • Copies of all corporate, partnership, trust forms if 20% or more interest is owned in a corporation, partnership or trust (additional $19 TADS processing fee is required)
  • Copy of current year Wage and Tax Statements, Form W-2(NOTE: The prior filing year W2s will initially be accepted, but the current filing year W2s will be required before an award can be distributed.)
  • Copy of most recent Property Assessment Card(s), if real estate is owned
  • Copies of two most recent pay stubs from all current employers
  • Copy of most current retirement statement(s) (i.e. IRA, Roth IRA, 401K, 403B, Pension, Profit Sharing, etc) reflecting the current balance
  • If a single parent, a letter from a third party (i.e. pastor, family friend, extended relative) that can attest that the single parent does not receive outside financial help from anyone (i.e. other biological parent, relative, significant other, outside financial aid)
  • Special circumstance letter explaining any extenuating circumstance (i.e. medical expenses, loss of employment) for the financial aid committee to consider

HBA strongly suggests that all documents and forms be ready to upload or fax within one week of submitting your application online and must include the confirmation printout from your online session. All documents must have your name and TADS ID number. Black out any social security and account numbers on all supporting documents before uploading/faxing to TADS. If mailing, do not send original documents as documents will not be returned.



Kathy Lee, Admissions Director

Sherry Monico
Admissions Finance Coordinator
Phone: 808-564-0358