Class Reunions

Class Reunion Procedures

Congratulations on your upcoming class reunion! HBA is here to support you as you plan and execute a successful reunion event. Please email us at with your reunion information so that we can promote it on our website, alumni eNewsletters and social media platforms. 

Below are the procedures on the usage of class funds, if funds are available, and requesting reimbursement.

Use of Class Funds

  1. Class funds may be used for the following:  

    1. Event venue room rental, with the exception of an establishment that does not align with the standards and mission of the school.  

    2. Food purchase for alumni only, this would not include spouses or children. There would need to be a per person cost established.

    3. Event supplies such as postage, decorations, favors, photo booths, or things that benefit the class reunion attendees. If in doubt, please get approval from the Alumni Relations Officer.

  2. Payments for any of the above mentioned items will be made by the reunion coordinator and a request for reimbursement will be made to HBA with appropriate paperwork and receipts.  

  3. HBA will assist with the publicity of your event through our website, social media, and monthly e-newsletter.  

  4. HBA requests that a class photo be taken for our semi-annual newsletter.  When sending in class photos, be sure to identify everyone in the photo.

  5. After December 31 of the 20th class reunion year, the balance of funds for the class will be transferred into the general alumni fund that will benefit alumni events such as Ho‘olaule‘a, Alumni Week, Homecoming, etc.

Requesting Reimbursement from Class Funds

When requesting reimbursements from your class funds, the following process will be followed.

  1. After the completion of your reunion event, complete the Class Funds Reimbursement Form and mail original receipts to the Office of Institutional Advancement at 420 Wyllie Street, Honolulu, HI 96817.

  2. If the receipt is for food, please mail or email a list of all alumni attendees that attended the event.

  3. Reimbursements may take up to two weeks from the date received.