“but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint,” Isaiah 40:31

Alumni Virtual Choir

"Forever" by Kari Jobe
Featuring Christopher Kale Jones '96

Guest Artist: Christopher Kale Jones '96

Christopher Kale Jones '96 is a professional actor and singer. He is most known for his role as Frankie Valli in the first national tour of the Broadway hit "Jersey Boys." He has also made appearances on the Tonight Show, Access Hollywood/Extra and has been in numerous theatrical productions.

“The mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health have suffered for many during this unprecedented time, but God is still in control. I am excited to be a part of something that can bring more hope to hurting people. It is my hope that each and every person who watches this song will be uplifted and filled with hope. Our school, our city, our state, our country, and indeed our entire world is ripe for rebirth, and what better way to epitomize that than with the story of Jesus at Easter,” said Jones.

Jones attended HBA beginning in ninth grade. He was a member of the Soldiers of Light select choir, and performed in many of the school plays. He served as student council vice president, was a member of the National Honor Society and was elected Mr. HBA. 

Jones has spent the bulk of his career in New York and Los Angeles, but is now based out of Chicago where he lives with his wife Jenna, daughter Presley and dogs, Rocket and Nacho. Jones, who still calls Hawaii home, returns occasionally to visit with family and friends.

Meet the Team

Halau Hula ‘O Ka Lama ‘Ula
Tiffany Hamada ‘21
Brandi Yap ‘22
Tani Yoshioka ‘21

Creative Team
Joshua Stephens, Craft Brewz Music LLC, Mixing Engineer
Chaz Umamoto, Craft Brewz Music LLC, Mastering Engineer
Jordan Tano, Kingdom Purpose, Video Production Coordinator
Shaneika Aguilar, Kingdom Purpose, Director/Editor
Shaun Cabais, Kingdom Purpose, Camera Operator
Derrek Miyahara, Photographer
Mark Ganialongo '94, Behind-the-Scenes Videographer
Kaycee Nakashima ‘20, Production Assistant
Racyne Sugai, Sassarella LLC, Hair & Makeup
Eric Woo, Eric Woo Design Inc., Hope Logo
Hawaii Baptist Academy 
Ron Shiira ‘75, President and Executive Producer
Billie Takaki Lueder ‘94, Dir. of Institutional Advancement and Producer
Christina Yasutomi, Communications Officer and Producer
Todd Yokotake ‘84, Choral Director and Arranger

Special thanks to the participating alumni

Maile (Yamashita) Aden (’93)

Lyric Albios (’20)

Kylie Aoki (’17)

Lauren Brese (’17)

Asia Che (’12)

Valerie (Stackel) Coryell (’88)

Faith (Yoshida) Duenas (’01)

Ruth (Shiroma) Foster (’91)

Leah (Evans) Giampietro (’02)

Chase Higa (’17)

Elise Hishinuma (’06)

Lia Honbo (’20)

Kalei Hosaka (’12)

Marisa (Hewitt) Hutson (’13)

Laura (Craver) Jernigan (’91)

Christopher Kale Jones ('96)

Matthew Kamada (’02)

Daniel Kimoto (’14)

Eric Lim (’94)

Brian Lim (’92)

Jessalyn Lim (’19)

Brandon Liu-Yates (’13)

Dylan Loo (’15)

Nyckolle Lucuab (’13)

Billie (Takaki) Lueder (’94)

Wyland Luke (’10)

Carole (Nakama) Masaki (’95)

Chris Matsui (’10)

Brad McDaniel (’86)

Esther (Quilit) McDaniel (’86)

Becky (Chong) McGuire (’92)

Jessica (Ignacio) Messer (’10)

Kelsey Morihara (’15)

Deren Oshiro (’86)

Peyton Oshiro (’19)

Daniel Peters (’02)

Bryce Sakata (’18)

May Yee (Wong) Schultz (’91)

Stanton Sunaoka (’91)

Scott Sunaoka (’94)

Sara Utsugi (’15)

Julie (Taylor) Venegas (’92)

Deanna Wong (’15)

Jordan Yasutomi (’03)

Alan Yeh (’98)

Shaina (Inn) Yeung (’10)

Joy Yoshida (’99)

Nathan Yoshida (’98)

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Ewa Beach




Pearl City








New Jersey

South Orange


New York










Nine Mile Falls



Moshi, Tanzania

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