Dr. Jonathan Okinaga

Dr. Jonathan Okinaga ‘94 is the founder and owner of Sanitize Your Soul Ministries, which offers substance abuse treatment guidance and support for families and loved ones of those seeking treatment. What separates Okinaga’s approach from other treatment options is his emphasis on working with the families of those struggling with addiction. He comes alongside the addict and their family members as a trusted mentor and coach. 

“My program is designed to help both the addict and their families, bringing hope to a seemingly impossible situation.”

What also sets him apart is that he only manages up to seven families at a time, so his clients can  receive his full attention. Due to COVID, he has migrated his counseling sessions to virtual platforms, like Zoom, allowing him to coach and support families from all over the nation.  He is passionate about constructing personalized programs for each family that he helps. 

After experiencing deep hardships of his own, Okinaga shares that he was transformed by Christ, leading him to his calling and passion for ministry. Okinaga, who is affectionately known as “Dr. O”, is also a life coach and an adjunct professor of Biblical Counseling at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, sharing his knowledge and experiences with his students.

Okinaga has many fond memories of HBA. He is especially thankful for his teachers who helped shape his journey and his walk with Christ, including Mrs. Hom, Mrs.  Nakano and Ms. King. He says they  were  role models of kindness, encouragement, forgiveness and grace through challenging times. 

Okinaga has 12 years of experience in the addiction field.  He has worked in residential drug and alcohol treatment facilities, ran sober living homes, is a recovery pastor and had his own life coaching center. Learn more about Dr. O and his treatment options by visiting his website