Dr. Rebecca Ovitt

Dr. Ruby Ovitt became a Christian as a teenager through a Baptist Missionary in Manila, Philippines. She came to the United States as an East-West Center Scholar in 1969. She earned her Doctor of Ministry from Hawaii Theological Seminary; Masters Degrees in Administration and Policy Analysis from the University of Hawaii and Stanford University and specialized training in school administration at Columbia University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education from the Philippine Normal University.

Dr. Ovitt was hired by Col. Stanley Sagert, past President of HBA in 1971, supervising the Nehoa Campus, Leeward Campus, Community Church Annex, and the Richard Beno Elementary School. She shared her love for Christ with the dedicated faculty and staff of HBA for 41 years dating April 17, 1971 to June 29, 2012. She treasures all of the beautiful memories shared with her HBA ‘ohana.

She and her son, Christopher, live in Honolulu and her daughter, Rochelle, lives in Los Angeles. She is a proud grandmother of Benjamin Emmanuel Brodin.