Recording Instructions

Instructions for Everyone

Where to Shoot Your Video

  • Try to record in a quiet room. Don’t have the fan on. Avoid any minor wind noise. 
  • Lighting is very important to create quality video. Please make sure the background is well lit with no harsh shadows. 
  • Be mindful of your background and avoid areas that could be too busy or distracting to the viewers. A plain wall is always the safest choice. 

Attire and Appearance

  • Please wear a plain top with sleeves. Avoid prints with small patterns or flannel, and no logos. 
  • Your hair should be combed and styled. Makeup should appear light and natural. 
Recording via iPhone or Smart Device

We understand that every device and user's situation is unique. If you have any technical questions or difficulties, please contact Jordan Tano at 808-780-2908 or email

Professional Recording

If you are able to produce your video and audio at a professional quality, we ask that you send both of those assets separately. This will give the production team more flexibility when putting the final video together.  

Questions/Technical Support

Jordan Tano
Kingdom Purpose
Phone: 808-780-2908