God is a magnificent artist who created the universe and filled it with His wonders! We are formed in God’s image, so we are also creators. Elementary art class happens once a week in the Art Studio. Our hope is for these young artists to grow in creativity, tell their personal stories, connect with people through time & space, be open minded, and to connect with their academic learning through the art making process.

Elementary artists learn about the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design through creating 2D and 3D artwork. Projects are designed so students display their creativity through exploring various materials, tools, and techniques. The elementary art curriculum includes 2D projects such as printmaking, tempera and acrylic painting, collage, watercolor paintings, and drawing with other materials. It explores the use of form in 3D sculpture projects. Junior kindergarten through 3rd grade artists use Model Magic, paper mache, and air dry clay for sculpture projects. 4th through 6th grade artists use ceramic clay to learn about the ceramics process through hand building projects.

The Young Artists Exhibition is an art show that occurs every year in May to display artwork from all of our elementary artists. All students take a tour of the art show during the school day and families are invited to view the show in the evenings.


When I first started my art worship project, I didn’t know what songs to draw about. Then my teacher suggested the song “With Everything,” by Hillsong. Thinking about the song, I pictured an image of a man standing before Jesus. I drew the man’s arms extended as if giving everything to Jesus. At first I drew arrows just for a cool pattern, but then I began to see the arrows could represent all the good that comes from God into the world. You may not see the shadow that is coming from the man, but to me, the shadow represents sin leaving him because he has giving everything to God. The arrows going down are all the hate and the sin in the world.

What I learned about God through this song is that God doesn’t need anything from me. God is perfect. He doesn’t need my money, my good deeds, or my gifts to charity to be satisfied with me. God wants me to love Him and learn to follow Him. Following Him - with my everything -  may mean spending less time playing video games, or learning to think before I speak. When I do this, God makes me better than I can ever be.

- Ezra Lee, 6th Grade

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