High School


Basic Art

A semester course emphasizing a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics. The elements of art and principles of design are applied to materials in a more traditional manner; focusing on more realistic representation and setting the stage for a foundation in the visual arts.

Basic Drawing

A semester course that introduces concepts of realistic rendering. In this hands-on, lab-oriented course, students will learn techniques that will develop accuracy, three-dimensional perspective, and shading using a spectrum of traditional tools and materials.

Advanced Drawing

A year-long course for grades 11-12 in which students develop skills in drawing and painting as they apply the fundamentals of the elements and principles of fine art and design. They will learn to produce artwork that demonstrates creativity and the ability to problem solve. Mediums include acrylic, oil, and watercolor painting; color and watercolor pencils; chalk; charcoal; and oil pastels. Prerequisite: B- or better in Basic Drawing or Instructor’s approval. This course meets the fine arts pre-requisite requirement for the UC schools.


Created by the 2016 Animation Class.


A semester elective that focuses on understanding and making cartoons. Students will learn the basics of how to draw and animate characters and objects. Prerequisite Basic Drawing or instructor’s approval.

Documentary Filmmaking

A multidisciplinary, tech intensive course in which students research, write, film, edit, produce and distribute documentary films that educate, inspire, or move audiences into action. Films produced will have global audiences as they will be entered in local, national and international competitions and venues.

Art & History of Film

"13 Minutes." Directed and edited by Gavin Arucan.

Art & History of Film

A year-long course for grade 10- 12. This course examines the history of cinema by studying a selection of landmark films. Students will learn cinematographic theory and filming techniques as they analyze films, write screenplays, draw storyboards, create computer animation, as well as produce short films.

Ceramics 1, 2 & 3

"Ocarina." By Shaelynn Mitsui.

Ceramics 1 

Ceramics 1 is a semester elective course that focuses on sculptural and functional ceramics. Most work will be hand-built and some time will be spent on wheel-throwing techniques.Our focus will be on 3D expression and the skills needed to achieve this. Prerequisite Basic Art, Basic Drawing, or Basic Mixed Media.

"Tea Set." By Julia Lu. 

Ceramics 2

A semester elective that focuses on more advanced, independent clay projects for those who already have ceramics experience. We will have more intricate projects as well as introducing new materials and techniques (e.g., ceramic decals, glass slumping. Prerequisite: Ceramics 1.

"Carousel." By Kayci Kumashiro.

Ceramics 3

A semester elective that focuses on advanced, independent ceramic projects. The student will focus on three to five complete ceramic projects for the semester depending on intricacy and complexity of their ideas. They will take time to plan and propose an idea of what they would like to create and during creation, journal about the process and reflect on any complications, difficulties and new insights regarding their personal creative process. Through written and verbal feedback in their journal, the teacher will track their progress and provide guidance. Prerequisite: Ceramics 2 and teacher approval.

Basic & Adv. Mixed Media

"Enthusiasm." Encaustic. By Julia Lu. Basic Mixed Media.

Basic Mixed Media

A semester class that explores the meaning of art and our role as an artist in our environment. We will analyze modern and contemporary art, discuss content and meaning, and create our own unique work imbued with personal and social significance. We will use a mixture of materials and techniques including paper collage, wax painting, spray paint, and found objects.

"Natural Reflections." Encaustic. By Keri Lum. Adv. Mixed Media.

Adv. Mixed Media

A year-long course that continues to explore Contemporary Art through the experimentation of various art materials. Equal emphasis is placed on content and product. Prerequisite Basic Mixed Media and Basic Art.

Intro to Photoshop

A semester course that focuses on artistic expression in the digital age by addressing the basic concepts of photography digital imaging using Adobe Photoshop. Students are required to keep a portfolio showing their developing skills.

Digital Photography

By Brandon Okazaki.

Digital Photography

A semester course, which offers a well-rounded and practical approach to photography. Some of the topics covering digital basics, exposure, composition, portraiture, nature and landscape photography, photojournalism, and digital and hard-copy portfolios. Prerequisite: Instructor’s approval. Student must provide his/her own DSLR camera or DSLR equivalent.

Drafting & Design

A year-long course for grades 11 and 12 that introduces students to the fundamentals of graphic communication. Topics include freehand sketching, mechanical drafting, lettering, the geometry of drawing in 2D and 3D. Students will use both traditional hand drafting tools and computer software. This class is helpful for those students interested in engineering, architecture, and graphic design.

Art History

This semester course is an introduction to the history of art that will provide students with an understanding and enjoyment of architecture, sculpture, painting and other art forms within historical and cultural contexts. In the course, students examine major forms of artistic expression from the past and the present from a variety of cultures. They will learn to look at works of art critically, with intelligence and sensitivity (analyzing what they see). This class includes visits to museums.

AP Studio Art

A year course for highly motivated students who are seriously interested in the study of art; the program demands significant commitment. Students will develop, photograph, and assemble a portfolio of work that demonstrates the breadth of their skills as artists and a concentration of work on a sustained investigation or theme to be submitted for AP Studio Art review. They will maintain a sketchbook to develop their ideas, participate in peer critiques, visit and critique the work of other artists, and work on projects. Students will also have an opportunity to exhibit their work in a spring show. Prerequisite Application with five works of art from introductory art classes, concurrent registration with an advanced art class, and department approval.

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