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Calendar for HHSAA Sports for SY 2020-21

Updated Jan. 2, 2021.

Season 1 (January 4-March 21)*

All state tournaments for this season are canceled.  However, the ILH will be having modified seasons as noted and HBA will be seeking to provide "sport experiences" as noted.

Cross Country - ILH season
Sporter Air Riflery - ILH season
Bowling - HBA Sport Experience
Canoe Paddling - CANCELED
Girls Basketball - HBA Sport Experience
Boys Basketball - HBA Sport Experience
Girls Soccer - CANCELED
Boys Soccer - CANCELED
Swimming & Diving - ILH season
Wrestling - CANCELED
Intermediate & JV Tennis - ILH season

*Football is scheduled for February 22-May 16  

Season 2 (March 1-May 16)

Track & Field
Girls Water Polo
Girls Volleyball
Boys Volleyball
Varsity Tennis
Boys Water Polo (ILH only)  
Precision Riflery (ILH only)