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Mainland Advisory Council

Meeting Kit Request Form

Do you have a group of friends, or a Sunday School class, that needs to hear about HBA? We can help by providing free kits with easy-to-use resources.

Request the number of kits and/or individual items you'd like us to send you by filling out the requested information below. If you prefer to submit a paper form, you may download a copy here and fax it to (808) 564-0332.

Includes 1 MAC Brochure, 1 HBA Admissions Brochure, 1 Soaring Eagle Newsletter, 1 MAC Member Application, 1 HBA logo item, and 1 HBA logo folder.​​​
Includes the meeting kit plus 1 promotional DVD, 1 coordinator's gift, 1 map of supporters by state, and 1 map of the largest Southern Baptist churches by state​​

Please submit your contact information.

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