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Photo/Video Agreement

I grant Hawaii Baptist Academy the right to use photographs and/or video of me in connection with the HBA alumni virtual choir production of “Forever.” I authorize Hawaii Baptist Academy, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically.

I agree that Hawaii Baptist Academy may use such photographs/video of me with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content.

Deadline Commitment

Our video is scheduled to be released in time for Easter. In order to do this, and to accommodate our production team, all videos must be submitted by Monday, March 8. Anything not submitted by the deadline will not be included in the final production.

I agree that I will submit my video by March 8, 2021 to the best of my abilities. If I am not able to meet the deadline, I understand that my video will not be included in the final production.

Digital Signature

I agree and consent that my use of a key pad, mouse or other device to select an item, button, icon, checkbox, to enter text, or to perform a similar act/action (e.g., by clicking “Submit”) constitutes my electronic signature and signifies my intent to be bound. I understand that my electronic signature is legally binding, just as if I manually signed a paper document in ink.