Sharon Hagio

Known to her co-workers as the unofficial historian of the school, Sharon Hagio has worked at HBA for 50 years. Her unwavering faithfulness to God, her love for the school, and her strong work ethic, make her a pillar of our school’s community. 

Upon graduation from the University of Hawaii, Hawaii Baptist Academy and the Academy Baptist Church (now Central Baptist Church) were set to build a new facility on Nehoa Street. Being a member of the church, Sharon was urged to “help out temporarily” in the school office; that was in 1969. According to Sharon, there was never a convenient time to leave to pursue other things. She began working as the secretary to President, Col. Sagert, and the following year added secretarial responsibilities for the elementary school. Currently, she serves as the database specialist in the Institutional Advancement Office. She has been a member of Central Baptist Church for 50 years serving as a church clerk and trustee. 

During her five decades of service, she has witnessed firsthand God’s blessings and provisions as the school has expanded and flourished. Her personal relationships with the families, alumni, local and mainland supporters are irreplaceable. Ask anyone and they will agree that she has a ‘Rolodex’ memory, remembering the names of many alumni and the year that they graduated. For this Hilo native, HBA has become her extended family. 

I thank God not only for His gift of salvation, but for His grace in letting me be a part of His exciting work at Central Baptist Church and at Hawaii Baptist Academy. HBA is truly a testament to His amazing love and to His blessings upon the faith and faithfulness of His people. To God be the glory! 

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