Frequently Asked Questions

When does my course begin?

Students begin their online course(s) two weeks after their payment clearance on a following Monday of their choice. Once the course begins, students must actively participate for a minimum of six weeks in a half credit course and 12 weeks in a one credit course.

Will the school provide the hardware?

No. HBA Online students are expected to provide their own computers and access to the internet. A limited number of computers at our high school campus, at 2429 Pali Highway, are available during school hours. Contact to make an appointment.

What are the technical requirements?

All students need a computer that meets or exceeds the listed specifications to successfully work within the online environment. HBA Online does not provide these hardware and software items.

Supported Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer – Versions 9 through 11 supported, but not recommended (11 is not yet fully compatible, but can be used with compatibility mode turned on)
  • Google Chrome – Recommended. Browser updates automatically.
  • Mozilla Firefox – Recommended. Please update to current version.
  • Apple Safari – Please use current version.

An Internet connection at least 1.5Mbps or faster is highly recommended.

If there are specific critical browser-related incompatibilities that come to our attention, these will be placed in the announcements area of our Learning Management System.

Recommended Software

The most common plugin of these recommendations will be Adobe Flash, which is built in to Google Chrome. The rest are not found often in our courses. Each course has a Materials Section under Course Information which lists the free plugins or utilities which may be helpful to complete the course (paid materials, such as textbooks, are found via our materials website). Please consult with the course material section, your teacher, or contact us with specific questions on software requirements as needed.

  • Windows Media Player 10 Series or higher
  • Adobe© Shockwave© Player
  • Adobe© Flash© Player
  • Adobe© Acrobat© Reader™
  • Java Runtime
  • Microsoft Office or Google Docs (to create the documents that need to be submitted to teachers)
  • Audacity (often used for voice recording for foreign language courses)

Recommended Hardware

  • Speakers or headphones
  • Microphone

* Hardware support is not provided.

Technical Support Form

The technical support form is where you can submit a technical question. The online support team will respond to your request as soon as possible. Please provide as much information about your issue in order to speed up the resolution to your issue.

Are we able to preview an online course?

Yes. We want you to explore the courses with your child so you feel comfortable and confident with our online learning experience. Complete the “Preview Our Courses”form. Instructions will be sent to view courses, course standards, lessons and syllabi.

What is the cost per course?

Click here to see our fees. If you are a family who homeschools, please explore our Homeschool Support membership benefits. HBA Online courses are discounted for members.

Are there any required course materials?

Most courses do not require additional textbooks as all of the materials needed are provided online. However, there are courses that do require additional materials or texts to supplement the course. You may preview a course prior to enrolling to check if it requires any additional texts and materials.

Are courses only open to specific grade levels?

The courses are designed for grades 6 to grade 12. Review the course catalog to find out which grade level your course is designed for. Parents are able to register their child for any course level and are asked to use their judgment.

Accelerated credits may or may not be accepted by your child’s future high school or your current school of record. Approval for transfer of credits must be received before registering for HBA Online. You are also advised to seek counseling from your school of record regarding credits, or schedule an appointment with HBA’s counseling department by contacting, or call 808-595-6303. A fee will be charged by HBA for this counseling session.

Are courses cancelled if there are not enough participants?

On the contrary, but it may “close” if there are too many students. Our certified teachers and staff attempt to replicate the same relationship between student and teacher, student and curriculum, and student-to-student that exists in the “face-to-face” classroom. Therefore, the same student/teacher ratio exists online as in the traditional classroom. The average number of students per course is 24.

How will I find out my grade while taking the course?

Students may view their grade in the gradebook within the course. They are also encouraged to review all feedback on each assignment from their teacher. A weekly update on grades and assignments completed/remaining is emailed to the student.

What is considered a passing grade?

Any grade over 60% is considered passing and will receive credit on your HBA Online report card. You will need to check with your current school and review their grading policies on transfer credits.

What do I do if I start to have trouble and my grades slip?

Generally, online teachers have more time to work with students, if needed, since all lessons have been developed ahead of time and most of the objective tests and assessments are automatically graded.

Take a proactive stance at the beginning and address your need for support. The moment you see your grades slipping, communicate with your teacher immediately and arrange for help through Skype, phone or email to get individual help.

How are the assignments graded?

Assessments are graded by both the computer and teacher. Assessments with objective questions will be graded right away so the student will be able to get immediate feedback. Because they receive feedback and answers right away, students are only able to take these types of assessments once. Assignments with essay questions, papers, discussion forums, and other assignments that are rubric-based are graded by the teacher.

Do I get extra credit or a better grade for completing honors course materials?

No. Students who complete the honors track in the course will have the Honors course designation included in the course name and printed on their report card. You may wish to check with your school counselor or registrar to see how your school's current grading policies may impact your transfer course credit or GPA.

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