What are the legal requirements I must meet to homeschool my child?

The state of Hawaii requires that a notice of intent be submitted to the local public school your child would have attended. This needs to be filed only once if your child stays within that district. A parent will need to keep a record of books used, grades or progress made per child per year. A progress report, in the form of a standardized test score (required grades of standardized testing: 3, 5, 8 and 10), evaluation by a certified teacher or a narrative report, will need to be turned in to the local school at the end of your school year.

Will HBA provide curriculum or oversight for my child’s education?

No. Homeschool curriculum will need to be purchased by the parents. We will assist families through the support services listed, but the day-to-day oversight and educational progress will be the parents’ responsibility.

Who will help me plan my curriculum?

An experienced, former homeschooling parent will help you review and plan your child’s curriculum.

Will I have to use the same curriculum as HBA?

No. As a homeschooling family, you will have the legal right and freedom to individualize and plan curriculum for the specific needs and learning style of your child(ren).

Will homeschoolers have access to HBA's Online courses?

Yes, homeschoolers do have access to HBA Online courses with a 20% discount as an annual member.

Are the courses with a live teacher?

The course content is fully online, self-paced and facilitated by ACSI certified teachers. Teachers will guide students and are available for questions during the weekdays within 24 hours. This gives students complete flexibility to study at any time and anywhere since they are not locked into a weekly meeting. Students can move ahead as quickly as desired. Courses can also be accessed on many types of devices.

Are the online courses open throughout the year?

Yes, students may enroll anytime of the year. Click here for more information.

Can I see online courses that are being offered?

Yes. Sign up to preview HBA Online courses. Instructions will be sent for you to view all courses, lessons, syllabi and, if any, required materials or texts.

What is grade and record keeping?

Homeschoolers are required to keep a record, or bibliography, of all books and materials used. Field trips and other educational activities will also be a part of the record. Parents will be assisted by our Homeschool Support services to create a permanent educational file to meet this requirement.

Will we need to follow HBA’s school schedule?

No. Parents may determine the beginning and end date of their school year. The law in Hawaii does not require homeschool families to follow a traditional schedule.

What is transcript development?

It is the development of an academic record which lists all courses taken, credits issued and grades received during the year. A list of awards and extracurricular activities can also be included.

How often will grades need to be turned in?

Quarterly grade reporting per subject will be required from all parent members.

Will a final record of grades be given at the end of my school year?

Yes, a final record of grades will be issued at the end of your school year. It will contain a cumulative report of all grades submitted per subject.

What is the commencement ceremony membership service?

HBA’s Homeschool Support program will provide a venue to host a commencement ceremony for graduating homeschool students.

Is the Homeschool Support community a co-op?

The support community will not be a co-op, but by meeting and networking with other families through our program, co-ops could easily be formed.

Is college and career counseling available?

As a member, the student has access from August through May to see a counselor. Others are able to make an appointment through homeschoolsupport@hba.net for a fee-based session.

What is Naviance?

Naviance is a college and career readiness web-based software that helps provide students with college planning and career assessment tools. Students will have access to a variety of features, including college research and matching tools, course planning, career assessment and personality tests, and surveys to help students connect what they are doing in school to what they would like to do once they complete their education.

What are Student Workshops?

Working on projects that require collaboration is a 21st century skill that students need and these workshops will lend themselves to learning new things while working with others. We will see what the interest of the students are for that school year and plan accordingly.

What topics will the Parent Seminars cover?

Most of these seminars will cover topics important to homeschooling families, such as Homeschool 101. Parenting and family seminars may also be offered in conjunction with HBA’s parent support programs.

Why take the PSAT?

The PSAT is the practice SAT test as well as the qualifying test for the National Merit Competition. Many homeschoolers participate in hopes of earning scholarship awards. Scholarships are awarded in the 11th grade but some students take the test for additional practice in 9th and/or 10th grade. The test consists of three sections – Math, Critical Reading, and Writing Skills.

When is the PSAT test given at HBA?

PSAT/NMSQ HBA Test Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Limited spots available.

*The PSAT/NMSQ Test has been updated. Click here for information on how to prepare for the test.

What is the ACT?

The ACT is an alternative to the SAT. Most college bound students will take one or the other. The ACT features four sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science. On each of these sections students can earn a score from one to 36. The four section scores are averaged to give a composite score. The ACT also includes an optional 30 minute essay given at the end of the test, which is factored into the English score.

The scoring process and the optional essay are currently being revised. Students are advised to prepare for the exam by using up-to-date materials.

When is the ACT test given at HBA?

ACT HBA Test Date: April of every year, exact date TBA.

Limited Seats Available. For more information and registration dates, email homeschoolsupport@hba.net or call (808) 595-6303.

Does HBA offer test prep classes?

Yes, there are three HBA Online Test Preparation courses available for a fee:

  • Middle School Thinking and Learning Strategies
  • ACT Preparation
  • SAT Critical Thinking and Study

On-campus test preparation classes are available for an affordable cost and are conducted several times during the school year. Contact the Supplemental Programs office at (808) 545-4485 for more information.


Sean Aoyagi


Email: saoyagi@hba.net