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Cardboard Boat Regatta Returns
Posted 12/08/2017 12:40PM

Hawaii Baptist Academy high school students competed against each other in the fourth annual "Whatever Floats Your Boat" cardboard boat regatta on Friday. Students were restricted to using cardboard and tape to create 3' by 4' boats that would survive a voyage in Wet n' Wild's wave pool. This year's winner, Gerald 2, narrowly managed to beat their opponents on the way back to shore, followed by Boatak Yellow.

"We wanted a simple but effective design so we made a flat bottomed box and added a triangular point on the front" said Jada Inouye of Gerald 2.

The AP Physics class also held a remote controlled boat race for the second year. Students designed, 3D printed, assembled, and programmed small water resistant boats that braved the calmer and shallow end of the wave pool.

Additional awards were given to teams that went above and beyond. The Vogue Award for the best looking boat went to Piscine in the Pool, The Pride of the Regatta for the most creative design went to Riley's Brain, The Swag Award for creative team costumes went to Sea Hive, The Pom Pom Award for the most spirited team went to Riley's Brain, and The Titanic Award for most spectacular sinking went to Sea Hive.

After the race students conducted STEM labs regarding water quality, pendulums, energy, and wave motion.

The first Cardboard Boat Regatta took place in 1974 at Southern Illinois University. Dr. Richard Archer, a professor of art and design, came up with the idea of designing and racing a cardboard boat as a final exam for his freshman design classes. The idea took off, and continues today at schools across the U.S.

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