Food Service

Flik Independent School Dining is Food, Education, and Clean Eating, and is pleased to be a partner with Hawaii Baptist Academy. 

August Lunch Menus

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Meet Our Chef

Chef Jensen Manuel is on site every day. Feel free to stop by and introduce your family to him. Chef Jensen is ready to answer any questions you may have about our program, our food and our staff. He can also be reached at

Your Food Program

All students will enjoy the meals, specials and events in their respective dining centers. Each day’s choices are well-balanced, nutritious and allergy friendly. By providing a well-balanced breakfast, lunch and snack, we are making an effort to improve the overall health and eating habits of your children.


Dining Selections

The campus menu experience will include, but may not be limited to, the following items:

Morning Selections

  • hot breakfast bowl of the day
  • hot breakfast sandwich
  • parfait cups
  • fresh fruit cups
  • yogurt
  • fruit smoothies
  • bagels
  • fresh baked muffins and pastries
  • hot and cold cereal selections

Lunch Selections

  • scratch made entrees with vegetarian and allergy friendly options
  • whole grain sides
  • fresh steamed roasted or grilled vegetables
  • fresh made salads and upscale sandwiches
  • seasonal grab and go options
  • chef designed specials
  • fresh baked cookies and desserts made from scratch

Younger elementary students enjoy petite portions of the breakfast and lunch entrees, while regular size options address the appetite of the older age group and minimize the post consumption waste concerns.

Middle school students are offered morning snack break and lunch at the middle school campus. 

At the high school,  the snack bar is open for an additional 45 minutes after school, offering all grab and go items with the addition of protein packs, acai bowls, ice cream, musubis, chicken strips, french fries and beverages. Beverages offered will include a choice of milk, 100% fruit juice sports drinks and WaterWorks, our fruit infused water program.

Food Allergies & Medical Concerns

Chef Jensen will work with any family that may have concerns regarding the dietary needs of their child. In addition to the posted allergy board, all foods are labeled and he is available throughout lunch to answer any questions the students may have. He can also be reached by email at

About Flik

Nutrition Education

We understand the importance of educating your children about what they are eating. We do our best and take every opportunity to teach them something new about the foods they see in the dining room. Our Food Focus program teaches about specific foods around the world and our Healthy Foods Matter program shows healthy foods in a new light. We always encourage your children to try something new. We have a Registered Dietician available to be scheduled for additional wellness and nutrition education as needed.

Food Prepared from Fresh Ingredients

We believe in clean eating. We have a comprehensive Food and Nutrition Philosophy and our focus has always been cooking from fresh, whole foods using minimal processed or frozen foods. This style of preparation also enhances the quality and variety.

Sustainable and Locally Produced

We are proud to lead the foodservice industry with groundbreaking policies such as:

  • Championing local family farmers and Fair Trade
  • Sourcing foods that are produced with minimal use or free of chemicals and antibiotics
  • Supporting campaigns that reward the efforts of farmers and laborers
  • Sourcing proteins from suppliers that promote the humane welfare of farm animals.

We know that telling children about the importance of nutrition will not always translate into the selections they make during lunch. Instead, we must demonstrate that eating nutritious foods can also be fun, creative and delicious. Chef Manuel Jensen’s Tastings program empowers students to try new foods at their own pace. They have the opportunity to sample unfamiliar foods in small bites, rate them and let him know if they would like to see them on upcoming menus. In this way, they are helping build the program they want to see.